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CitroenWelcome to the Citroen Motor Vehicles website. We are here to show you just what owning a Citroen can do for you. Citroen cars are renowned for engines that deliver both low-carbon emissions and power, making them environmentally friendly without compromising in terms of excitement.

This engine technology has been refined over many years in response to the inefficient engines and vehicles of previous decades that have helped put us on the brink of environmental disaster, so when you buy a Citroen you are playing your part in mitigating the effects of global warming.

Not only will you be putting less CO2 directly into the air, you will be using far less fuel anyway due to the efficiency of Citroen engines, meaning also that you will save a significant amount of money as a result of ownership of one of these vehicles. Citroen motor cars are thus a perfect solution for the modern driver, particularly ones who regularly commute, either over long distances or around the city.

When you occupy the driving seat in a Citroen you will be struck by just how smoothly the car operates, as it flows around corners and up through the gears seemingly without effort.

This smoothness is one of the reasons for Citroen’s famed efficiency, and it means that when you get behind the wheel of one Citroen you can really enjoy taking it out for a spin, without worry or concern.

Citroen cars handle extremely well, and give drivers a genuine sense of control and connectedness to the vehicle, with the excellent grip and roadworthiness transmitting through the controls into your hands and feet. The experience of running a Citroen is such that every one of the manufacturer’s models stands out from its direct competitors.

Every new Citroen model sports a stylish and contemporary interior, in eye catching colours and with many unique design features. Citroen display panels are easily visible and brightly lit, while the interior upholstery and fabrics are always of the highest quality.

Citroen cars feature top of the range modern stereo sound systems, as well as user friendly dashboards and controls, which really appeal to the modern motorist. Drivers nowadays want their cars to tick all the boxes, to deliver great performance, an array of different functionalities and uncomplicated controls; in short, they want a vehicle that they are able to both get the most out of in terms of performance and also put the least into in terms of effort.

The trust that Citroen’s deliver exactly this is borne of a widespread knowledge that the manufacturer’s cars are designed by a caring team who have consumer’s wants and needs at the forefront of their minds at all times. Citroen designers work tirelessly to ensure that their models have excellent functionality.

Our website is here to show you exactly that, and help you to see just how a Citroen could be the perfect option for you. If you would like more information about Citroen Motor Vehicles, please send us an email.


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The Citroen company was initially founded in 1919, making it the first mass producer of motor cars outside of the United States of America.

Citroen soon became the largest car manufacturer in Europe, and later on of the largest in the whole world. Today Citroen is a marquee car manufacturer, and as a brand is one of the best known and easiest to recognise on the market.

Amongst other things, this is a result of the astounding engineering and attention to technological detail that gives every Citroen car fantastic power attributes and awesome handling characteristics, making them a joy to drive.

There are many features that make a Citroen stand out from the rest. Those who understand and value the qualities that make a quality car will know that a good combination of functionality and practicality is what is required to make a car special.

Innovative features and technological developments are the order of the day for modern car designers to maximise the functionality and practicality of a car, and the Citroen design team focus heavily on this aspect.

Citroen make improving functionality a key priority during the design stage, and as a result their cars have real appeal to the modern car driver. They are suited to normal motorists requirements, including maximised boot space for luggage storage, and state of the art child safety features, for example, making them perfect for everyday commuting and running errands.

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